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One Love Hi-Powa (ITA)

Warm-Up: Cool Runnings (ITA)

The sound of Rome back into the dancehall tent, the one from the very first italian sound system, respected and well known in the internationl reggae scene. In the last years one love has produced a series of "riddim" along with headliners of italian and jamaican reggae. A night not to miss, where they will play along the full Cool Runnings Sound System crew, the classical yet entertaining reggae sound, playing with style and passion.
1.6.07 19:53


The band is lead by singer and percussionist Famara (whose real name is Thomas Nikkles), playing since 1984 fascinated by the sound and rhythm of african music, then getting closer to reggae. Famara played several times with great success in Africa (especially in Gambia) and got under the spotlight with the song "Sunshine Bubbler".
3.6.07 15:17


Last year she was on stage with Smoke. This year she will play Sunsplash's main stage along with her band, Okada Superstar. From Africa to Germany, from the collaborations with Prezident Brown and Gentleman to the solo records, Zoe became one of the key figures of European Reggae Scene. Do you remember the old Bob Andy and Marcia Griffiths song? "Young gifted and black"? That's Zoe!
4.6.07 16:34


Since 1992 this swiss band plays his “World’N’Moonstyle”, a direct and immediate style, based on upstroked rhythm as well as other influences. In this years they performed more than 600 concerts in Switzerland and in the rest of Europe. In their repertoire emerges a particularly fascinating cover of "Hotel California", made with the direction of Lee Scratch Perry.
4.6.07 21:05


WarmUp: G-Force Sound (GER)

Mit dem Supa D Soundsystem in Jugendjahren gestartet, mit Kilimanjaro World Clash Champion 2000, spielt der MC seit 2004 seinen eigenen Sound. Opening Act die Wermelskichener mit Salento Roots, G4Sound. Letztes Jahr mit Motorschaden auf dem Weg zum Rototom liegengeblieben, erwarten wir eine phatte Vertretung der neuen deutschen Scene!
5.6.07 17:13

Ras Charmer feat. House Of Riddim

Hailing from S.Polten (Austria), the House of Riddim is a solid yet efficient band, playing along, onstage and in the studio, artists such as Gentleman, Jah Mason, Anthony B. With them Ras Charmer, upcoming artist from the new generation of reggae, that recently got under the spotlight with songs like “Jah Carry Us Through”, “Bright Side” and “Forever”
6.6.07 20:29

Gioman & Killacat

Monday, July 9th, together with One Love Hi Pawa there will be the Kissusenti, a crew from Calabria headed by Gioman & Killacat, two rising stars of Italian dancehalls. They have released various hits such as “Pull Up”, “U Cora Vruscia”, “Rimani Qua”, “Dammi l’Erba”, and at the Sunsplash they will present “Vruscia”, produced by One Love Records.
7.6.07 23:58


Boah übel ... das wird so eine Bomben-Nacht in der Dancehall!

The master of masters, the symbol of uk sound system's school, culture and sound, the one and only jah shaka will be part of the Rototom Sunsplash dancehall tent line up. Today assisting, ore more poignantly partecipating to a Jah Shaka Venue is an unforgettable experience, strong like the sound of his records and of his many dubplates. Jah Shaka: after all, there's no need to add more.
9.6.07 20:25

WarmUp: Lampadread (ITA)

Hottest Dancehall Selections ......... boom yaw!! 8)

"Monday, tuesday, wednesday, Bembee !!!"
Yes Dancehall Addicts- wir können für Freitagnacht, 6.7., tatsächlich Richie Feelings bestätigen, Top Silecta aus dem Stone Love Camp, und Resident DJ im Bembe, dem heissesten Dancefloor Kingstons. Warm up durch One Love Hi Powa`s Lampadread, ohne dessen Unterstützung dies nicht zustande gekommen wäre.
Unser spezieller Dank gilt auch Valerio vom sizilianischen Rasta Camping da Vinci, für die Zusammenarbeit. Big Up!
16.6.07 20:52

Warm Up: Kings Hi Fi (UK)

Ricky "serial killer" Trooper is surely one of the "baddest " silecta in the world of dancehall music and his fame dates back to the times he was with Killamanjaro. He's highly skilled in the art of sound clashing and has won most of his battles. And it is he whom we have chosen to complete the cast of the dancehall area. On stage Friday 13th of July.
27.6.07 15:45

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