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Fantan Mojah ... wie hammermäßig. ENDLICH kommt jetz mal frischer Wind ins Lineup! Ich freu mich.

The artist with the strong and mighty voice, the key figure in the new roots reggae, conscious and inspired, and the maker of an excellent album like "Hail the king", published from Greensleeves two years ago, when the "artist with the inseparable backpack" performed live at Sunsplash two years ago. A much welcome comeback!
2.4.07 04:07

Warrior King

Nunja, hätte jetzt nicht UNBEDINGT sein müssen, aber kann man sich schon anhörn
Anstelle hätte mir jetzt Chezidek oder Bushman besser gefallen. Konn ma nix mocha - trotzdem zeigts dass das LineUp moment steil am rollen is! Und übermorgen wart ich auf den Knaller!!

Called Junior King in his youth, his hero was Bounty Killer. Then he grew, changed and became Warrior king, renewing and updating the message from historical reggae; yet another confirmation of the quality of this year's Sunsplash line up.
3.4.07 17:32


Yeeeah, ich freu mich riesig! Junior Kelly inna Rototom!!
Den haben wir letztes Jahr eh verpasst, echt perfekt!
Bin schon gespannt auf seine Performance

In the past years his concerts have caused the enthusiasm of our massive. We are sure that Junior Kelly will be up again to everyone's expectations. In his voice lives the essence of jamaican music.
4.4.07 17:23


Horace Andy, haaaaaammer Bestätigung ... echt ein ganz großer!
Nah get away wid di cuss cuss, mi nah waan dat

10.4.07 20:07


Unglaublich, ich freu mich so unendlich dass sie wieder zum Rototom kommen... :D das wird bestimmt wieder so eine emotionale Gänsehautshow ... Incredible...

It is with great pleasure that we announce the return of Groundation, the Californian reggae band that in recent years has been one of the most applauded revelations at our festival. Theirs is an incredible style, full of personality, and when they are on stage all the audience is captivated... An unforgettable experience!
12.4.07 21:02

Morgan Heritage !

Yippieh! Die ham wir letztes Jahr auch verpasst. Aber macht ja nix, weil sie dieses Jahr wieder aufm Rototom spielen!
Freu mich sehr auf den Auftritt!

The “royal family” of reggae is back at the Rototom Sunsplash. Their roots reggae style, revealing full artistic and creative maturity, has the emotional impact that only the greatest artists possess. Morgan Heritage will not fail to leave an indelible trace at the festival.
13.4.07 19:27

Tanya Stephens

Wie cool
Ich mag die Frau! hat ne tolle Stimme ... freu mich drauf!

One of the leading artists who follow the upbeat rhythm of reggae music. A woman whose consciousness spurns her to sing her stories with passion and commitment. An artist who demands respect. Tanya Stephens, at the Rototom Sunsplash 2007!
16.4.07 14:45

General Degree

Heute wurde kurzfristig Tanya Stephens von der Page gelöscht und dafür General Degree eingesetzt. Naja mal abwarten was passiert! Vllt kommt Tanya doch noch!
Aber über General Degree freu ich mich eigentlich auch

This artist has just released “Generally Speaking”, a record acclaimed both by critics and reggae-lovers world-wide. General Degree is one of the “rude boy deejays” who met with so much success in the late Eighties. We will soon be hearing his powerful voice at the Rototom Sunsplash.
17.4.07 03:25

Jah Mason! :)

My princes gooo-hooooone, faaaar faaar awaaay-heeey!

Another leading figure on the roots scene. Another artist appearing for the first time ever at the Rototom Sunsplash. His songs reflect the expressive force of Jamaican music and renovate a style that has been applauded by many generations.
19.4.07 04:26

Easy Star All Stars

They conquered international popularity by releasing two albums revisiting classical masterpieces by Pink Floyd and Radiohead in a dub and reggae style. Theirs is a thrilling and captivating show of outstanding artistic value. A band of stars that plays reggae and dub in an incredible manner. Easy Star All Stars… we needn’t add more!
21.4.07 16:02

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