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Während wir noch die Veröffentlichung seines ersten Albums 'Soul pirate' erwarten, freut es uns, Euch schon mal seine Rückkehr nach Europa ankündigen zu können. Zusammen mit seiner jamaikanischen Band hat er seinen Rototom Sunsplash Auftritt 2008 bestätigt: Welcome back, Puppa Albo!!!

Alborosie - Kingston Town
27.2.08 15:35

The Heptones & Basque Dub Foundation



One of the most famous bands in the golden age of rocksteady music, they built their fame on a number of super-hits – 'Fatty fatty', 'Sweet talking', 'Ting A ling' and 'Why did you leave', to name a few – which added a tinge of “soul” to the rapidly evolving music scene in Jamaica. During the Seventies, their creativeness remained unaltered, as witnessed by their masterpiece album, ‘Party time’, produced by Lee Perry at his Black Ark Studios. We are proud to announce that, for the first time ever, the Heptones will come this summer to Rototom Sunsplash, accompanied by their legendary solo singer Leroy Sibbles, who is also a most talented bass player. Leroy was bass player at at Brentford Road, and is the author of some of the most memorable bass lines in the history of reggae music.
The Heptones will be backed by
BDF (Basque Dub Foundation), for the first time ever at Rototom Sunsplash. Basque Dub Foundation are considered one of the best roots
bands in Europe, and have collaborated with many top stars, such as Luciano, Sugar Minott and Johnny Osbourne.

14.2.08 12:59

Luciano - The Messenger

No need to present him… his career and his numerous, outstanding songs say it all. On various occasions, the “beautiful people” of the Rototom Sunsplash have had the chance of enjoying his wonderful performances. A great artist, and a great master of “new roots reggae”. Welcome back!

18.1.08 19:14

Queen Ifrica


Ventrice Morgan, this is her real name, has become in only a few years one of the peak personalities of the Jamaican music scene. Her reggae style is inspired, conscious, close to roots and traditions. Among her collaborations, those with Tony Rebel, Gentleman and Junior Kelly deserve a special mention. Queen Ifrika will feature for the first time this summer at the Rototom Sunsplash.

15.1.08 23:55

Tarrus Riley confirmed

At present he is considered one of the most important and popular artists of the new reggae generation. The son of the great Jimmy Riley, who became famous for conjugating soul with Jamaican music, Tarrus Riley has recently issued Parables, an album defined as one of the best records in 2007. A great voice and a great soul. Another artist who will debut this summer at the Rototom Sunsplash.

Tarrus Riley - Beware

Tarrus Riley - She's Royal
10.1.08 20:55

Another Highlight: Beres Hammond

Beres Hammond is gifted with one of the most beautiful, intense and warm voices in all the history of Jamaican music. Inspired, when still very young, by the great masters of soul music such as Ray Charles, Sam Cooke and Marvin Gaye, Beres Hammond is the protagonist of a career that has spanned various seasons of reggae music. His unique style characterises his countless hits, some of which are considered real reggae classics. A great return to the Rototom Sunsplash!

Beres Hammond - Rockaway
9.1.08 17:40

First confirmed Artist: Jah Cure

Yes reggae people, it's a great pleasure to announce that Jah Cure is the first confirmed artist for the Main Stage 2008.

Stay tuned! Soon more news.
23.12.07 00:05

19.12.07 17:25

Ein paar Neuigkeiten

Was die vorzeitige Freude aufs Rototom 2008 vielleicht etwas trüben könnte, sind die neuen Ankündigungen der Rototom Sunsplash Crew.
Zugang zur Festival Area ist nur noch mit einer dringend nötigen Zugangsberechtigung wie Ausweis (ID-Nachweis) und Anschrift möglich. Um dem Formalitäten-Stress am Anreisetag zu entgehen, solle man dieses Formular mitbringen oder dem Rototom schon per eMail zukommen lassen :

Geburtsort und Datum
Strasse und Nr
Ausweis (Art und Nummer)

Weiterhin sind nun Hunde am gesamten Festival sowie in der Camping-Area verboten worden - don't ask why
Irgendwie eine ziemlich beschissene Sache.

Der VVK geht nun in die erste Runde. Bis zum 13. Januar kostet das 10-Tage Ticket nur 90,- EUR. Allerdings werden wir diese Möglichkeit wohl nicht nutzen, da wir erstmal das Line Up abwarten. Tickets die man bis zum 31. Mai in den VVK Stellen oder bis 13. Juni im Rototom Shop ordert, kosten 120,- EUR.
30 EUR mehr für das, das man sicher weiß wie das Line Up wird/werden könnte, lohnen sich definitiv. Ansonsten gibt es wohl eine böse Überraschung, sollte das Line Up grottenschlecht sein und die Tickets lassen sich so schlecht wieder verkaufen zwecks Formalitäten etc.

Mal sehen was die nächsten Wochen bringen. Ich hoffe es gibt nicht noch mehr Regeln und Vorschriften, denn die passen nicht zum Rototom! Noch 202 Tage
14.12.07 22:28


Das Rototom Sunsplash wird nächstes Jahr vom 3. - 12. Juli 2008 stattfinden.
Ich bin noch dabei den Bericht für 2007 zu Ende zu schreiben, werde ihn in den nächsten Tagen online stellen! außerdem wird es noch ein Video geben. Das Sunsplash 07 war gelungen, allerdings haben uns ein paar Sachen auch gar nicht gefallen ... näheres dazu im Bericht.
Jetzt erstmal News von der Rototom Homepage!

2007: a few considerations and first news 2008

The 2007 Rototom Sunsplash festival was once again a great success: the audience increased, passing from 140 to 150 thousand people from over 16 different counties; the camping area, which was already full on the first Friday, increased its services (nearly doubling the number of toilets there were in 2005); also the structures were safer (no damages were caused by a sudden hailstorm that hit us). As regards the artistic side, both the number and variety of shows and cultural activities increased. However, as often is the case, when the number of visitors increases, new problems arise: there were far too many thefts in the camping site and the overall atmosphere in certain, though limited, camping areas was not that of the happy, relaxed environment that we would like to offer at the festival. Since we do not like to conceal problems but prefer to face them in time and with a good amount of self-criticism, we are already working on this problem, so that it will not arise again in the future.

For the year 2008, one of our key objectives is to re-organize the camping area: we intend both to improve the services and the quality of the area, and avoid that people who do not share our ideals of peace and respect can ruin the atmosphere and everyday life of the campers. We really want to create a small but better world in the Rivellino Park, and we are ready to do everything in our power to avoid the presence of “undesired guests” (thieves and pushers) who would like to transform our oasis of peace into a no-man’s land, grabbing the opportunity to carry out illicit trafficking. The Rototom Sunsplash must remain the free and happy meeting ground it always was.
We believe that by doing so, we are interpreting the will of all the Sunsplash people: we want a “clean” Sunsplash (with no heavy drugs), a safe and peaceful festival, where thefts, tension and violent acts must not feature. All our efforts are aimed in this direction, but to achieve this aim, we need all your solidarity, comprehension and collaboration.

First news for 2008

In order to enter into the camping area it will be necessary to provide your name and personal details, as required by most camping sites in Europe. We know that this is a bit of a “pain”, and we too will not enjoy writing down the names and addresses of 10-20,000 persons, but we believe that this may discourage many ill-intentioned persons from coming to the festival and most of all, we will finally be able to avoid their coming back into the festival. Last year the security staff caught and expelled from the festival grounds the same person (who was stealing from the tents) four times on the same day!!!

All our efforts will also be directed to find and select the most appropriate security staff for the festival. We intend to set up serious, reliable and well organised security service. There will be seven teams (one of which will be devoted to controlling the camping area at night), each of which will have a specific task. Good manners and politeness will be considered indispensable.

Urbanization and more space

The festival’s camping area will be organized like a real town: it will have its streets, squares and meeting areas. In order to improve your holiday, we will offer a wider range of services, including a launderette, bicycle rent and a self-managed luggage transport service.
Teams of workers are already busy in the Rivellino Park to make the park even more beautiful: the grounds are being harrowed to ensure better drainage in the event of heavy rain, new lawns will be established, thistles and brier bushes will be eliminated, new trees and flowers will be planted, and we shall add benches and litter baskets. By the beginning of next year’s festival we will have planted over 200 new trees, and the Town Council of Osoppo has promised us to improve public lighting.
5.12.07 22:31

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